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# The point of this test is to ensure that clang/clang-libs demand the correct
# libomp packages, and is able to use openmp headers and libraries
summary: test clang can find libomp header and libraries
test: "$WITH_SCL ./"
framework: shell
tier: 1
  - llvm-toolset
  - clang
extra-summary: /tools/clang/libomp
extra-task: /tools/clang/libomp
extra-nitrate: TC#0614137

  - clang
  - clang-libs
  - libomp
  - libomp-devel

  - because: "libomp is not supported in s390x"
    when: arch == s390x
    enabled: false

  # Dependencies in rhel-7 are handled differently: there are no recommends,
  # only requires.
  - when: distro <= rhel-7
    enabled: false