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commit 962d677afcd9a9cfed9f08b4c862b7e3bb175a8c
Author: Richard Hughes <hughsie@localhost.localdomain>
Date:   Wed Aug 27 13:36:37 2008 +0100

    yum: don't always prefer the first package returned from returnNewestByNameArch() as this will be i386 on x64, and hence the wrong thing will be installed on multiarch

diff --git a/backends/yum/helpers/ b/backends/yum/helpers/
index 4e3926f..3dd2b2f 100644
--- a/backends/yum/helpers/
+++ b/backends/yum/helpers/
@@ -814,7 +814,6 @@ class PackageKitYumBackend(PackageKitBaseBackend):
                                 show = False
                         if show:
-                            break
     def install_packages(self,package_ids):