Firefly Fortunes
                	 Karen Pease - 2005-10-04

	This package contains fortunes from the TV series "Firefly", and
it's movie "Serenity", by Joss Whedon.  The series survived only one season
on Fox; the network scheduled a bad timeslot, played the episodes out of
order, and in general helped seal its fate.  Nonetheless, the series built
up a cult following; as DVD sales skyrocketted, Universal decided to sponsor
a movie based on the series.

	Firefly is often described as a "Space Western".  A mix of humor and
seriousness, it is sometimes described as "Star Wars" with the Rebellion
having been brutally crushed and Han Solo needing a new job.  Over 500 years
in the future, a band of humans terraformed a nearby planetary system with
dozens of habitable planets.  The most developed planets, toward the core,
live in "civilization", and formed the Alliance; the planets on the rim tend
to struggle to survive, and launched a failed rebellion against Alliance
rule.  Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a former "browncoat" (rebel) commander,
captains a Firefly-class starship named "Serenity", with a small, mostly loyal
crew, taking whatever jobs (legal or otherwise) that they can.  Their
lives become more complicated when, after taking on passengers for cover,
they inadvertently take in a mentally disturbed girl who the Alliance wants
more than anything else. 

	All of the quotes in this package are copyrighted by Fox Broadcasting
Corporation and Universal Pictures.  Authorship of the quotes is by Tim Minear,
Joss Whedon, Ben Edulund, Jane Esperson, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jose Molina,
Cheryl Cain, and Brent Matthews. 

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