These are quick instructions on how to get Red Hat Enterprise Linux running
with Hercules.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 steps :

Prepare hercules :
- Install : yum install hercules
- Edit /etc/hercules/hercules.cnf and change ARCHMODE if needed :
  - ESA/390 for s390
  - ESAME for s390x
- Create HD image : dasdinit -z /var/lib/hercules/linux.120 3390-3 lin000
  (substitute -lpf or -0 for -z if you wish to use a non-compressed image)
- Mount the first installation CD
- Run : hercules-run
- Start installation : ipl /media/cdrom/generic.ins

Note that when running Hercules, all commands sent to the OS must be prefixed
by a dot. When not prefixed, commands are sent to Hercules itself (like "ipl").

OS installation example steps :
Which kind of network device do you intend to use:
Enter the bus ID and the device number of your CCW devices:
Enter the FQDN of your new Linux guest:
Enter the IP address of your new Linux guest:
Enter the network address of the new Linux guest:
Enter the IP of your CTC / ESCON / IUCV point-to-point partner:
Select which protocol should be used for the CTC interface:
Enter your DNS server(s), separated by colons (:):
Enter your DNS search domain(s) (if any), separated by colons (:):
Enter DASD range (e.g. 200-203   or  200,201,202,203):

Alternatively, you can copy initrd.img and kernel.img from your installation
media into /etc/hercules and start the installation via 'ipl 00c', which uses
the virtual punch card defined in hercules.cnf and auto-fills in most of the
networking options for you, based on the contents of /etc/hercules/generic.prm.

Use "telnet" and log in as "root" with no password (press enter).
The installation will start automatically.

Appendix :

Red Hat Linux 7.2 steps :

- Mount the installation CD and run "ipl /mnt/cdrom/redhat.ins"
- Copy all files from the os/images/ directory to /etc/hercules/
- Replace in hercules.cnf the line :
000C  3505 kernel.img generic.prm initrd.img autopad
  with :
000C  3505 kernel.img redhat.prm initrd.img autopad
  And :
0580  3420 /etc/hercules/tape.tdf
  with :
0580  3420 /etc/hercules/redhat.tdf

- Commands :
ipl 000C