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How to set up an DPM nameserver with a postgres backend

The DPM nameserver (DPNS) is run by the dpmmgr user. This user
requires a copy of the host certificate files:

  cp -p /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem /etc/grid-security/dpmmgr/dpmcert.pem
  cp -p /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem /etc/grid-security/dpmmgr/dpmkey.pem
  chown dpmmgr:dpmmgr /etc/grid-security/dpmmgr/dpm*

Create a postgres database user for the DPNS server:

  createuser -P <user>

The command above will prompt you for a password for the new user.

Create the DPNS database:

  createdb -O <user> <dbname>

Create the DPNS database tables:

  psql -W -U <user> <dbname> -f /usr/share/dpm/create_dpns_tables_postgres.sql

Let the DPNS server know about the account information and make sure
only the dpmmgr user can read this information:

  touch /etc/DPNSCONFIG
  chmod 600 /etc/DPNSCONFIG
  chown dpmmgr:dpmmgr /etc/DPNSCONFIG
  echo <user>/<password>@<dbserver>/<dbname> > /etc/DPNSCONFIG

If the /<dbname> part is omitted the database "cns_db" will be used.

If you have a firewall, open the DPNS server port (5010).

Once the configuration is completed, start the DPNS server:

  service dpnsdaemon start

If you want to start the service automatically at boot time:

  chkconfig --add dpnsdaemon