Notices for Fedora / RedHat / CentOS Users ========================================== onionbalance ships with some Debian'isms, especially when it comes to the created example torrc for the onionbalance management tor daemon. For this reasons this folder contains a sample onionbalance.torrc file which can be used to run a dedicated tor process that onionbalance will use. Setting up onionbalance ----------------------- 1. create a sample configuration $ onionbalance-config --hs-version v3 -n 2 # step through the wizard 2. Get your onionservices up & running with the generated configuration in config/ 3. copy the master config and key to onionbalance's config and protect the config: $ cp config/config.yaml /etc/onionbalance/ $ chown root:toranon /etc/onionbalance/* $ chmod 0640 /etc/onionbalance/* 4. Copy the supplied sample config as a multi-instance config $ cp /usr/share/doc/python*-onionbalance*/onionbalance.torrc.example /etc/tor/onionbalance.torrc 5. Start and enable the tor onionbalance service: $ systemctl start tor@onionbalance $ systemctl enable tor@onionbalance 6. Start and enable onionbalance $ systemctl start onionbalance $ systemctl enable onionbalance 7. Enjoy!