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Name:           rocm-smi
Version:        4.0.0
Release:        %autorelease
Summary:        AMD ROCm System Management Interface

License:        MIT

BuildArch:      noarch

BuildRequires:  python3
BuildRequires:  help2man

# Upstream deprecated this utility in the 3.9.0 release by renaming
# to in the sample rpm and deb package builds. A comment
# in python_smi_tools/ from
# indicates that interface
# is supposed to replace this one. Since this tool is now unsupported, it will
# become less and less useful as time and hardware progress. It should be
# removed when and if the replacement tool is packaged.
Provides:       deprecated()

This package includes the rocm-smi tool. This tool exposes functionality for
clock and temperature management of your ROCm enabled system.

%autosetup -n ROC-smi-rocm-%{version}

# Generate a man page from the --help output.
help2man --version-string=%{version} --no-info --section=1 \
    --output=rocm-smi.1 ./rocm-smi
# Strip out ROCM-SMI and kernel version numbers that pertain to the build
# environment.
sed -r 's/[[:blank:]]+\|[[:blank:]].*version:.*$//' -i rocm-smi.1

install -d %{buildroot}%{_bindir}
install %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/rocm-smi
install -d %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1
install -t %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man1 -m 0644 rocm-smi.1

# We do not run the tests because they are not self-contained: they require
# particular hardware to be installed, issue commands to that hardware, and may
# require elevated privileges.

%license LICENSE